Have I mentioned that I found part time job at the weekends? Most probably yes. But have I told you what job it is? Probably I haven´t. Most of people who know me very well would describe me like extremely sociable person with incredible amount of positive attitude with never-ending batteries and unlimited source of energy. Therefore, besides my regular job (that is actually not that interesting) I decided to take another one, one which is more adventures, more thrilling and more sociable. I became a guide for groups of foreign guys coming to Prague to say GOOD-BYE to FREEDOM. Yeah, your guess is right. I am talking about stag parties – parties where bunch of drunk guys do crazy stuff on the weekend as they think it is the last weekend of their life (well, most of them take it like that, wedding means the end of old sweet time when they could do whatever they wanted). You haven´t heard about such job position? Don´t worry, me neither, until I found such job advertisement on the internet couple of months ago. Do you ask what the main responsibilities of such job are? Well, let me explain you in specific points:

  • Be super friendly, super nice and super cool person who makes the best of the best first impression on the bunch of already drunk guys taking off the airplane in Prague
  • Make sure the guys are having blast by showing them the best night bars, pubs, dance clubs and/or strip clubs of Prague (not only showing them where they are but also staying with them all the time)
  • Be as spontaneous and creative as possible at creating crazy drinking games and rules which make the whole weekend unforgettable
  • Be a guide who takes them to super cool day activities such as shooting at range, real tank driving, karting, bubble football, brewery excursions, steak dinners, river cruises with extremely fat female or even male strippers, VIP casinos with topless waitress, and much more….
  • Be a person to have a lot of fun with, to be able to rely on and who they can ask about any hesitations they have during the whole weekend
  • Be interpreter, organizer, tour guide, entertainer, dancer, singer, friend and sometimes even mom in one single person!!

So what do you say – does it sound like a lot of fun?? Trust me, this job is not for everyone. As every job, this one has its pros and cons, too. The drawbacks of this job is that you have to have a lot of patience with the guys, make sure they follow you when you lead them (well, sounds easy but imagine to get group of 15 drunk guys in the labyrinth of Prague streets from one bar to another, can be tricky). You also may have lack of sleep as this job includes pub crawls, night clubs, and dancing till early in the morning every weekend, etc. Moreover, you must be very flexible and liberal at the same time. Not all girls I know would be able to watch an hour show of lesbian strippers in Goldfingers strip club, or watch extremely fat “Rolly-Polly” stripper showing “the best of her” to all of you in details. These are the things that not everyone could do, but yeah, let´s be honest. My family raised me in very modern, liberal way and I was never close-minded in question of naked bodies. On the other hand, to the highlights of this job belong the fact that most of the time I AM HAVING A LOT OF FUN WHILE WORKING – I go for karting, I shoot at shooting ranges, I drive tanks, I attend brewery excursions – I simply do everything what the guys do because they want me to be part of the weekend and they want me to have fun, too. In addition, don´t forget I GET PAID for having FUN! For dancing all night long, for getting to know places I haven´t been to before, for trying things I haven´t tried before, for meeting people all over Europe, for practicing foreign languages, for opening my mind in completely different world … Maybe some of you say what a weird job I found, how disgusting it is to go to strip clubs on weekend basis, but trust me, this job makes me stay in Prague and helps me get used to European way of life, which is completely different from the one I was having in South America. Thanks to this job I feel adrenaline from time to time, I meet people from different parts of the world and thanks to this job I earn money while having fun. Who wouldn´t like to have a job that makes him/her happy???

In addition to stag parties in Prague, I would like to add my TOP 10 things I already tried in Prague and belongs to my favourite. May it be useful to some of you who are about to come to this breathtaking city where you will never get bored!!

TOP 10 things I love doing in PRAGUE on almost daily basis:

  1. Enjoy walking through NÁPLAVKA along the river Vltava


2.  Taste the atmosphere of local markets (such as at Jiriho z Podebrad or IP Pavlova) offering their traditional wines, beers and delicious food

 3. Attend multicultural Couchsurfing picnic at Riegrove Sady with the best views over the Prague castle and sunset

DSC_0172 (5)

4. Feed swans at Manesuv bridge with the best views over the Charles bridge

DSC_0172 (4)

5. Experience hot latino night with the rhythm of salsa, bachata and reggeaton dances in Bodeguita del Medio (Kaprova 5, close to Old Town Square)

6. Be a part of crazy stag parties which are organized all over Prague (and over many other European metropolitan cities thanks to VOX agency)

7. Relax and take a drink in the Lounge & Bed bar at Old Town Square

8. Take free walking tour with most enthusiastic Spanish tour guides I know (Sandemans New Prague Tours and Yoshio from Peru as the best tour guide)

DSC_0172 (7)

9. Get lost in the magical streets in the heart of Prague …

10. Simply lie down in the grass in one of many beautiful green parks of Prague where I can forget that Prague has population of more than 1 million inhabitants …


Life in Europe is different from the one I was having in Colombia. Life here looks more serious and stressed. People are in rush most of the time and forget to enjoy everyday pleasures. They take too many things for granted. However, I am lucky to be surrounded by many people who know how to enjoy life to max, how to be happy from small things and how not to waste their time on complaining all the time. Probably Prague will not be my home for whole life, maybe not even for more than year, but the time spent here I try to use to the fullest! With the motto: “CARPE DIEM” 🙂


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  1. Muffy Kelly says:

    Hello Milli, How have you been? Have not seen a blog from your travel adventures in a while. What’s new?


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