MachuPichu or MachuPicchu??? What is the right spelling?? One „c“ or two „c“?  You will find out very soon… 🙂

So finally „DAY D“ arrived – day when my lifelong dream was about to come true… Day when I was about to experience the magical atmosphere of one of seven wonders of the world – MachuPicchu!


I will shortly describe how and with who I got to this amazing place. First of all, I wanna mention that there are hundreds of possibilities of getting to MachuPicchu – from famous and truly expensive “Inca Trail trekking” organized by many tourist agencies and booked months before coming to going by yourself spending hours in different types of means of transportation and walking more than 10km. Try to guess which way I chose… 😛

One place is common for everybody who wants to reach MachuPicchu – CUSCO – place from where everybody starts its “trekking” to MAPI –  MachuPicchu.  In my opinion, Cusco is the most beautiful city of Peru which I have visited located close to the Sacred Valley of the Incas and surrounded by beautiful, finally green Peruvian mountains. I spent four amazing days in this city admiring charming historical centre, cathedral and churches, meeting incredible people such as Manuel who I met thanks to couchsurfing and who showed me his city from the best viewpoints. Cusco is located at the altitude of around 3,300m, therefore, some people may suffer from the altitude sickness. In order to avoid strong headaches and feelings of fatigue it is recommended to chew “hojas de coca” – leaves of coca tree and to drink its tee. Of course, I followed the recommendations and moreover, I went for amazing massage to relieve my pain which truly helped me.

  DSC06903  DSC06916

 On the second day of my stay my new Italian friend Luca (who I already met at the bus station in Arequipa, on the way to Cusco) and me went to buy the tickets for MachuPicchu (we decided to go by ourselves, without the help of any agency). Again, I don´t know if it is because of my famous luck or my charming personality haha but the guy selling the tickets gave me 50% discount (I paid only 66 soles – around 18 euro) because of my temporary Colombian ID! Therefore, my new COLOMBIAN nationality was written in my MachuPicchu ticket which allowed me enter this amazing place as COLOMBIANA who together with other South American nationalities officially pay only half of the ticket price! 🙂


On Friday, 16th of October Luca and me took a local bus to village Santa Maria (from 4 hours bus ride it was actually 5,5hrs), from where we took a small van to the village Hidroelectrica (van adjusted for 9 people, we were 10!) – btw, the road between these two villages lack of concrete, looks pretty dangerous and is surely uncomfortable … Finally, after getting to famous Hidroelectrica, we started walking our 10 km route along the railway track during which we were able to observe breathtaking natural landscape and clean rivers and meet other crazy people who decided to reach MachuPicchu by themselves… Around 6pm we got to village “Aguas Calientes” which is only hour and half walking (steep mountain trekking) from MAPI. We found nice but cheap hostel “Caminantes” and booked it for 2 nights (1night/20soles). After delicious dinner in local restaurant with my new CS friend Julio and Peruvian typical drink “chilcano” (made of pisco and with added flavour) I finally got nice, around 5 hours long sleep in comfortable bed in a room with three other young travellers.

        DSC07013     DSC07006

On Saturday, 17th of October, 2015 I already woke up at 04:00am to get ready and start short but steep mountain trekking in order to get to my long-wished-for MACHUPICCHU.

Arrived to MAPI entrance before 06:30am, met two amazing Ecuadorian women (Belen and her mom) with their private tour guide who invited me to spend the whole MAPI tour with them. Could I be luckier? I don´t think so… Our tour guide Persy was very experienced and explained us all of the details of MAPI history, about lives of the Incas, how they worshipped their God “Wiracocha”, mother nature “Pachamama”, and much more… One small but interesting detail stayed in my mind (and will forever!) – difference between spelling (and of course pronunciation) between “MachuPicchu” with two “c” and “MachuPichu” with one “c”. According to language of the Incas, “MachuPicchu” (the CORRECT one with two “c”) means “old mountain” which is located next to the ruins and “MachuPichu” with one “c” means “old penis” in their language. Ou yea, I was laughing, too! 😀 So here you have the correct answer to the question asked at the beginning of the article… MachuPiCChu !!!  🙂

  DSC07063  DSC07098

So how were my emotions and feelings while my dream was coming true?! Well, I don´t think it can be described by words but let´s try… Pure happiness, satisfaction, excitement, feeling of oversensitivity, relaxedness…. How would I describe MachuPicchu by simple words?! Magical, mysterious, unreal, miraculous, sacred,  … – simply beautiful!


I spent full 9 hours admiring this magical ruins of the Incas and I was really happy I didn´t come with any agency as many others did and had to rush to come back down to Aguas Calientes. I spent half day with Belen and her mom who gave me a moon stone in order to charge positive energy from “roca sagrada” – the sacred rock of MachuPicchu ruins. Now this moon stone represents my MachuPicchu visit and friendliness of Ecuadorian people… Another half day on MAPI I spent with two interesting boys from Chile who I believe I will meet during my travels through Chile. I made a video with one of them representing my home country Slovakia.

        DSC07118 (2)     DSC07118 (1)

Some pictures which I made on MachuPicchu were made on purpose to represent four countries – SLOVAKIA, COLOMBIA, ECUADOR & PERU!

WHY & HOW?!?

SLOVAKIA – because of my real nationality and country where I have my whole lovely family and friends, COLOMBIA – country which I truly love, country where I found amazing friends, country full of awesome people, country where you can easily fall in love, and country thanks to which I got a “day Colombian nationality” on my MAPI entrance ticket and 50% discount on ticket price :), ECUADOR – country where I spent instead of planned 3 weeks 6 weeks, country where I found amazing  volunteer job in travel agency, country where I tried all of the extreme sports possible, country where I understood what I want in my life, and the last but not the least PERU – country of this magical, beautiful place – MACHUPICCHU!!!

    DSC07145    DSC07146

How did I represent four countries in one picture?! Well, Slovakian flag representing Slovakia! Colombian t-shirt representing Colombia! Ecuadorian bracelet made in Ecuadorian jungle representing Ecuador! Peruvian cap with “cusco” sign representing Peru! Simple, easy & nice! 🙂


To conclude, I would like to express my gratitude to all people who made my dream come true. To all my family who although doesn´t understand why I am spending so much money on travelling but still respects my decision and supports me, to all of my friends who encourage me day by day by their messages & skype calls, to all of my Viking River cruise passengers from last year  who contributed me so my travelling through South America could be realized, to all of the people I met during my travels through South America who told me amazing stories, gave me useful advice and ideas how to realize my DREAM in SPECIAL way!!!!



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