Based on my own experience – the most difficult part of travelling is to say GOOD-BYE! The time to say good-bye has come – good-bye to my new friends in Monteria, to my Colombian host family, to my colleagues at UNISINU, to my amazing teaching job experience, …

The last 12 weeks passed incredibly quickly and I am grateful for every minute I spent in MONTERIA. I have met amazing people, learned as much as possible about Colombian (especially COSTA CARIBE) way of life, improved my Spanish (again especially COSTA CARIBE Spanish jajaj – mamando gallo, bololo, chevere, a palo seco,…), learned how to dance “bachata, regeatton & PORRO”, improved my teaching skills… Even I learned a lot about myself, my personal life, my feelings and that sometimes to make a right decision can hurt like hell but still it is necessary to do it. Spending 12 weeks in the north of Colombia and doing my internship in Monteria have given me more than I thought – I will never forget friends I made here, colleagues I worked with, students I taught here…

With my last group of students at UNISNU – 13.07.2015

I am not gonna describe in details how my last day at work looked like, or how my good-bye party went on – I just wanna say that EVERYTHING was AMAZING! My new Colombian friends, colleagues and even students signed my Colombian flag, participated in my last good-bye party (which was, by the way, craaazy), gave me good-bye gifts and made me think of coming back to MONTERIA again! Although I got the opportunity to prolong my contract at university and to teach couple of months more, I had to say no… Not because I wouldn´t like to spend more time in Monteria with all of these amazing people, it´s just the way of my life – life of traveller! I need to move, to experience something new, to see new places, meet new people… And maybe to find out what I really want from life…

With my lovely colleagues at UNISINU

Therefore, tomorrow – 16th of July, 2015 is the day when my adventurous travels through South America is about to start. My first stop is going to be in lovely and famous CARTAGENA where I am gonna spend three nights at the friend´s house and where two more girlfriends arrive to make another unforgettable good-bye party! After Cartagena I am heading to Santa Marta, famous national park Tayrona and 5 day hiking tour to “The Lost City”. On July 29th I am flying to Bogota – that means that on 29th of July I am gonna say GOOD-BYE to my lovely COSTA CARIBE, to COSTA CARIBE people, the Carribean sea, beaches, hot climate, …

My last good-bye party in Monteria!

But you know the saying – “When one door closes, another door opens!”. Therefore, although it is not easy to say good-bye to everything I have experienced in Monteria in the last 3 months, I am getting excited for the new things coming up, new experiences, new people, new life changing moments… Moreover, “never say never”, maybe my future path will lead me back to MONTERIA! 😉


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