Random photos from “MI VIDA en COLOMBIA” experience, part 2! :)

I think it´s time to post some more of random pictures from “Mi Vida en Colombia” which is truly getting better day by day…

There is a saying – “Time flies when you are having fun” – I cannot even express by words how precisely this saying fits me! It´s already been 8 weeks since my arrival to Colombia and I have only one more month left to enjoy everything what my internship in MONTERIA gives me – getting to know new people, new friendships, connections, Spanish improvement, travelling and seeing new places, learning latino dances, experiencing true Colombian culture….

With my university NIVEL 3 students 🙂
With my university NIVEL 5 students 🙂
One selfie with my NIVEL 5 students 🙂
Some good-bye gifts from my NIVEL 5 students… 🙂
Dancing all night long traditional PORRO dance with this amazing PORRO band!
PORRO – traditional Colombian COSTA CARIBE music!!! 🙂
One of many beautiful sunsets in Monteria….
IGAUNAS are truly everywhere….
You can see such a lovely monkey family not only in the ZOO – but directly in the city park of Monteria… Ronda del Sinu Parque 🙂
My view from “PLANCHON” on my way to work…
GUAMA – another tropical fruit that is unknown in Slovakia
Beautiful sunrise in Las Playas de Covenas…

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