Caribbean Island Múcura

My first visit of Caribbean Island alias adventurous camping trip to ISLA MÚCURA!

One of the beaches on Isla Múcura

7th of June, 2015 at 4am – getting up after three hours of sleeping… Why so early?! Because this is the day when I go to the CARIBBEAN ISLAND for the first time in my life!!!

The first challenging part of the day (getting up that early) was handled without problems. At 5am I took the bus from Monteria to Tolú (2,5 hours by Socrator bus company – one way ticket costs 20,000 COP) together with my two friends from India – Mansi & Mohit and one Colombian friend – Carolina. After arriving to Tolú we were offered a ride by “BICITAXI” to “Muelle de Delfínes” where we were bargaining the round trip to ISLA MÚCURA with different tour agencies, till we bargained pretty good price – 50,000 COP for both ways with agency TOLUMAR.

First ride on “BICITAXI” 🙂
Our winning bargain tour agency TOLUMAR

After small breakfast and taking first group pictures, we boarded our Tolumar boat and were heading to three different Caribbean islands of Archipiélago de San Bernardo” – the first one called Boquerón, the second one called Isla Palma, and the third one called Santa Cruz del Islote which is famous by being the most densely populated island on the planet.

DSC03145 - kópia
Santa Cruz del Islote – most populated island in the world

Our last stop was at our ISLA MÚCURA which a small island without any traffic, roads and most part of the island even without electricity. With my group of friends we decided we wanted to experience some adventures, therefore, we didn’t make any hotel reservation, we just brought a camping tent and “hamaca” – hammock… We asked our captain to drop us off at the part of the island where camping was possible. Although he did it, after few minutes we bumped into the owner of the Club Múcura hotel who told is that it was ILLEGAL to do camping on the island and that we needed to request a PERMISSION for this as the island is part of the protected National Natural Park Corales del Rosario and San Bernardo. Although he was offering us a quite a good price for overnight at his hotel, we decided to take a risk and do camping, although at different part of the island – out of owner´s sight 🙂

Beautiful Club Múcura hotel
Village “Caracola” – village of conches

After going through small “jungle” & its “mosquito attack”  we found a small island village called “Caracola”  which can be translated as “conch” – as the conches could be found everywhere in this small fisherman´s village. We found a woman called Lina and her mother who made us sure we could do the camping without any problems close to their house so they could watch over our tent and personal belongings for a small fee of 15,000 COP. After this great piece of news we set up the tent (the beginning of setting up the tent was ridiculous as Mohit, the only guy in our group, made us – three girls – try to do it by ourselves —– after 5 minutes he gave up waiting and helped us 😀 ) and hammock and set off to the beach on the other part of the island.

Our new home at Múcura 🙂

Just imagine – crystal clear blue Caribbean sea, white sand and completely isolated beach without any tourists except of us and three more Spanish people. Doesn´t it sound amazing?! After couples of hours spending on this amazing beach and talking to our new Spanish friends, we decided to explore all together other parts of the island, therefore, we headed to another even more beautiful beach, again without any tourists where we took some great pictures and spent talking at least two more hours.

Enjoying some time in Caribbean sea with our new friends

Around 5pm we decided to go and watch the sunset from another part of the island which was recommend by Lina and her mum, on our way there we crossed the whole Caracola village and had chance to see how simply the villagers live their lives —- almost no electricity, no proper showers or toilets, no cell phone signal or internet —– simple but beautiful at the same time…. After watching amazing sunset, my group and me went back “home” to our camping place where Lina´s mom prepared a dinner for us for only 10,000 COP (typical Caribbean meal – fish caught by village fisherman on the same day, coconut rice, patacón and small salad).

DSC03233 - kópia
Watchingamazing Múcura sunset all together…

DSC03231 - kópia



Before going to the beach where we were supposed to meet our new Spanish friends at night, we were advised to “hire” a person from village who would be willing to sleep in our hammock in order to watch our stuff during the night time we would spend on the beach on another part of the island… After short bargain of 5,000 COP with one of the villagers, we set off to the beach through night jungle where we made a fire with our Spanish travellers, were drinking some typical Colombian rum “Medellín”, playing some guys and spending some nice quality time all together… After midnight we decided for night swimming which was awesome but was followed by huge storm with lightening & thunders… The rest of the night we spent in our waterproof tent (hammock was set aside by “our” villager who was taking care of our stuff in order not to get wet) and were trying to fall asleep…

Greeting the sun 🙂
Typical Caribbean meal and drink 🙂

Morning was tough, not only because of our “comfortable” beds and the storm, but also because of my gastric problems which required very frequent visit of bathroom which was actually in very poor conditions. Well, it may sound funny, but trust me, at that time it wasn´t that funny for me at all…. 😀 After this morning issue, some very small breakfast, packing all our stuff, we said goodbye to Lina and her mum, as well as to cute and adorable village children who made my days on Múcura truly unforgettable

Múcura children …. 🙂

After giving them some chocolate and cookies I had with myself and after feeding them with an apple baby food, we said goodbye and headed to the beach for couple of more hours to enjoy our lunch, white sand, warm sea and sun… The “boat voyage” to Tolú appeared to be never-ending but already with incredible memories of our camping trip to Isla Múcura…..  


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