My social versus professional life in Monteria

Time to say something little about my social life as well as my professional life of an intern at UNISINU in Monteria… 🙂

First of all, I must mention that Colombian people prove me day by day their welcoming and kind nature by the means of their behaviour and actions. They always make me feel as I was the part of their lives … Very good example was an invitation for one Graduation party of group of law students who made me feel like a princess for the whole night. I accepted this invitation in spite of the fact that I knew only one person attending this event and no one else. However, the rest of the group (around 50 people I have never met in my life before) made me feel very comfortable and special that night, teaching me all of the latino dances and other Costa Caribe expressions, eating typical Colombian food, experiencing “la hora loca” for the first time and much more…. I didn´t regret for even one moment that I accepted such invitation. It belonged to one of many memorable nights I experienced in Monteria…

These Colombian people made me feel like a princess for the whole night! 🙂

Regarding my professional experience as an UNISINU intern, I must say that I feel more confident as a teacher day by day. I truly enjoy teaching, planning my classes, preparing various activities, evaluating exams and talking to my students and colleagues… On the 2nd of June, 2015 I got the chance to express my opinion about my professional stay at UNISINU at the interview for a university channel where I spoke only in Spanish summarizing my positive experience of my internship. Speaking Spanish in front of a camera was kind of challenge for me, however because I am a person who likes challenges, I didn´t think a lot and took this opportunity without hesitation. 🙂

One of the reasons I truly enjoy teaching… 🙂
Teaching means having some good organizational skills and also working hard from time to time. This “mess” on my bed is an evidence 😉
Making an interview in Spanish about my positive experience of my internship at UNISINU!

To sum up, doing an AIESEC internship is not only about working hard and improving your personal and professional skills, it is also about learning new culture, meeting new people, enjoying various special events and parties, travelling, trying something new, challenging yourselves…I realize that 12 weeks of my internship will pass incredibly quickly as the time literally flies when you are feeling great, therefore, I am trying to enjoy my time here in Colombia as much as possible by participating in everything that is offered to me and by accepting challenges that stand in front of me!


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