My 1st Teacher´s Day as a TEACHER!

15.05.15 – looks like magical day?! Well, it was for me… as it was my 1st Teacher´s Day as a TEACHER! I came to Colombia to do my internship as a teacher of English at UNISUNU in order to find out what teaching really means. I have never seen myself as a teacher as my lack of patience is not a good predisposition for such occupation, however, I love challenges…

So here we go, I started my teaching experience in Monteria on April 21st and not even one month later I got the opportunity to experience my 1st Teacher´s Day as a TEACHER! I decided not to have regular classes with my students (such as grammar explanation, reading or listening activities…) on this day, therefore, I planned small INTERCAMBIO de IDIOMAS (language exchange) during which my students were asked to describe a picture in English which was followed by description of the same picture in Spanish and Slovak by ME! This was an amazing opportunity how to teach and learn different languages, how to learn more about Colombian and my Slovak culture and how to have FUN at the same time.  Students were so eager and passionate about this class that I decided that this was not the last time I did something similar…

Eating cake, discussing Slovak traditons and having fun at Teacher´s day!

Apart from this Intercambio de Idiomas, my other group of students bought large caramel cake and refreshments which were shared between all of us while sitting in the circle and they presented me with bag full of CHOCOLATE as a gift! During today´s classes I was trying to tell my students as much as possible about Slovak culture, traditions and habits – I was showing my students how traditional Slovak dance “fľaškový tanec” looks like, what is the traditional Slovak meal “bryndzové halušky”, what is the meaning and correct pronunciation of my last name and city I live in, and much more…

After these amazing classes at Teacher´s day I was heading to small TEAMBUILDING meeting with my colleagues which I organised in order to get to know them better as we don´t spend much time together at university. I spent an amazing night with my colleagues who were teaching me how to recognize and dance all types of Latino music (champeta, reggeaton, merengue, vallenato…), teaching me new Spanish phrases typical in their COSTA CARIBE region and how “tasty” their typical rum “MEDELLÍN” is…. After this night I truly fell in love with latino music, however, I decided I am not gonna be friend with “medellín”….. 🙂

VIP small celebration of Teacher´s day with my colleagues from Office of Informatics 🙂

Sounds like an awesome Teacher´s day?! Well, it continues to be even more awesome… Although not the same day… On 22nd of May, 2015 I was invited for an official Celebration of Teacher´s day which took place at our university together with more than 200 professors, teachers, lecturers of different departments.  The dress code was very formal. As I came to Colombia only with one backpack (as I plan my backpacking trip through South America there is no chance to bring a lot of stuff haha) where was not enough space for any formal dress or high-heeled shoes, I was so lucky to find out that my host mama wears the same size of dress and shoes as I do and at the same time so lucky to find out her wardrobe was full of formal clothes for such occasions…  She didn´t hesitate to help me out! Another sign of Colombian hospitality and willingness to help! 🙂


The celebration was supposed to start at 17:30, however, as it is well known, Colombians perceive time in different dimensions :), therefore, it started little bit later by formal speeches, listening to national anthem and toast with champagne! During the whole evening we were entertained by professional entertainer who did great job! As he approached our “Table of English Teachers”, my lovely colleagues didn´t hesitate to let him know about two (and the only) foreigners working at university – my colleague Mansi from India and me! Therefore, I got amazing opportunity so stand up in front of all professors and my colleagues to introduce myself and to dance their popular Costa Caribe dance called “vallenato” 🙂 Apart from this astonishing experience, I had chance to dine with my colleagues, learn more Spanish COSTA CARIBE expressions, teach them Slovak and simply – to have fun!

Table of English Teachers 🙂

It is not easy to express by words how happy I felt during these days of teaching celebration! I felt so good, relaxed and special at the same time…. After a month spending in Colombia, I am more than sure that this teaching experience will be my life changing experience…. 🙂


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