“What does not kill you, makes you stronger!” :)

Toothache versus my first (and hopefully last) experience at Colombian dentist clinic!

Not even one week after my arrival to Monteria, I started to feel terrible pain – toothache, headache, pain in my ear… From the beginning I was blaming the air-conditioning for causing my pain, however, after 5 more days of such pain, I decided to visit dentist clinic, where I was told terrible news – my wisdom tooth must have been pulled out!

Those who know me and know my incredible fear of dentists can understand how I probably felt when I was told such news… However, because I had already been through the same situation, I knew that this must have been done without further waiting. My lovely and helpful colleagues from work arranged a meeting at University dentist clinic in the city centre directly next day where I was supposed to meet specialists who should have taken care of me.

SO HERE WE GO, 30th of April, 2015, 07:00am, completely alone at dentist clinic in MONTERIA, in the country where I was less than two weeks, with a language that was not my native, without any moral support from my family members (as they were not able to be with me because of the incredible distance) and with incredible FEAR of DENTISTS! Can you imagine my situation???

So let´s get to the point – after I discussed some issues with certain specialists and some student trainees, I was asked to go for an X-ray which I brought back after half an hour, and they decided to proceed with this medical intervention straight away! Honestly, I didn´t expect such fast reaction and that my painful wisdom tooth would have been pulled out the same day! After making call to university in order to cancel my classes for that day, I came back to the dentist hall where you could see approximately more than 30 patients, 30 dentists and more than 30 student trainees with dentist´s drill in their hands – sounds like a nightmare?! Well, yeah, it literally was for me…. However, I must say, that all personnel including student trainees were incredibly professional, friendly and empathetic… During the whole operation of pulling my wisdom tooth out, one of the student trainees was holding my hand only in order to provide me with at least some moral support that I truly appreciated and needed!

The whole operation took more or less one hour. After this life-long lasting trauma I was asked to pay unbelievable SMALL amount of money (18,000 COP) only because of the fact that I was working as English teacher at university which was in cooperation with this dentist clinic. In Slovakia, firstly, I would be waiting for such dentist operation min. of two weeks if not more, and secondly, the price for such medical intervention would be at least seven times higher than here!

All in all, although I went through not very pleasant beginning of my internship in Monteria caused my toothache and small dentist operation, I must say that I was kindly surprised by Colombian dentist professionalism, speed and incredible friendliness which goes hand in hand with Colombian willingness to help all the time!!!!

PS: “What does not kill you, makes you stronger” & “Lo que no te mata, te hace mas fuerte” & “Čo ťa nezabije, to ťa posilní” 🙂

I am attaching photos how I looked like two hours after the operation – YES – nothing pleasant but it could be worse….. 🙂

Still with a smile (tiny but still) on my face 🙂

DSC02936 (2)


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