First of all, I would like to introduce myself and explain who I am, what I do and why I have decided to start blogging.

My name is Milada, however, everybody knows me under my nickname MILI which in my language means “nice”! I come from a small country from Central Europe called Slovakia which is famous for its beautiful nature and specific language SLOVAK!

I am 25 years old and so far through my short life I have managed to travel almost whole Europe and live certain time in different countries including Greece, the USA, Spain and France. To my most memorable experience belongs working as jet-ski instructor at children´s camp in Pennsylvania, the USA, being an ERASMUS exchange student in Valencia, Spain, working as a waitress on a river cruise ship in France and adventurous travelling through whole Thailand in Asia!

I am very spontaneous, adventurous, easy-going & crazy person with a looot of positive energy. One of my life mottos are “Positive thinking brings positive results” or “Life is too short not to be fully happy”. Therefore, I do in my life what brings me happiness and pleasure – I TRAVEL!!! 🙂

Reason for starting “the blogging” is very simple! Many of my friends and family members are curious about my travel adventures, experiences and I truly would like to share my travel happiness with all of them and all of you…

This blog is gonna be devoted to my experiences during my crazy travels through the whole world starting with articles about my AIESEC internship in Colombia!

I hope that you will all enjoy reading my blog about my travel experiences and may it be useful for some of those who are as passionate about travelling as I am! 🙂


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